Monday, September 2, 2013

Self-Defense Without A Gun

Most people think the only way to defend yourself is with a gun; and if you don’t have one, you have no chance against an armed attacker. WRONG! Yes, attackers who have guns are dangerous. But there are effective weapons all around us if we will just see them. For instance, a well-aimed heavy ash tray can KILL an attacker. A metal flashlight, too, if you hit him hard enough. I once stopped a robbery attempt when I was driving a cab in the fifties by hitting the robber with a plastic five-cell flashlight when he looked for the door handle to get out after robbing me. He never spent a day in prison. They don’t put people who can’t think in prison and my flashlight put him in a three-month coma that he never really came out of properly. I once took a course in how to INDENTIFY possible weapons in my surroundings, and it has proven to be time well spent. It can be a cup of coffee, a coffee or hot water pot, a can of beans, ash trays, flashlights, etc. Most heavy items can be thrown of used as clubs and can be very effective. If you carry a cane, you can use it very effectively. And there are many disguised self-defense items for sale. Like stun guns disguised as cell phones, pagers, etc. Or pepper sprays disguised as lipsticks. All this is available just for the looking on the Internet. (Just common sense)

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