Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don't rob A Marine

That’s a lesson one man learned the hard way one night when he and a girlfriend (who was also wanted by the law) tried to steal this Marine’s truck. But the lesson won’t do him any good, he’s dead. And the girl is in jail. The so-called “former” Marine (there is no such thing: once a Marine, always a Marine) shot him to death in an exchange of gunshots. He missed. The Marine didn’t. The cops, who got there AFTER the action (as usual) took him (the Marine) into custody for “investigation” to see if the shooting was justified. Shouldn’t take a lot of :”investigation.” The news item noted that if more criminals EXPECTED their potential victims to be armed there’d be a lot less violent crime. They’re right. That info won’t do this perp any good, though. (Eagle Rising)

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