Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gffords And Husband For Gun Control

That bullet must have addled both their brains. What they’re pushing for won’t stop a SINGLE shooting like the one in which she was injured. People like Laughner (the killer) get their guns in any case. If they can’t buy them legally as Laughner did, they find some guy who is selling illegal guns out of the trunk of his car at inflated prices. There is NO WAY you can stop criminals and crazies from getting guns, but you CAN increase the punishment  meted out to them when they do use them to commit crimes, while allowing honest, responsible people to carry guns for their own protection. If ONE PERSON had been there with a gun he could have shot Laughner before he could shoot more than one person and that federal judge he killed, or that innocent nine-year-old girl (not to mention Gifford's staffer) might not have died. There WAS one guy there legally carrying, but he arrived after it was all over, unfortunately. There ARE laws on the books to increase the penalties for using guns in violent acts, but they are usually not enforced, and are used as a “bargaining chip” to get convictions in other crimes. This has got to stop. (CNN Blogs/Jake Tapper)

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