Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Gun Laws Won't Work

Gun laws, as constituted today, can do NOTHING to stop gun violence such as happened at the Navy Yard. But don’t try and tell the “anti-gun fools” that. They have the idea they can stop CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, from carrying guns by making a LAW. They’re DELUSIONAL. All those laws do is stop honest, reliable people, who don’t go out and randomly shoot and kill innocent people from having the means to their own self-defense, a gun. They seem to have ideas that are “set in concrete” and will never waiver from their beliefs, regardless of common sense. Simply making it more costly in terms of prison sentences and actually ENFORCING that law might be more effective. But they don’t listen. They think their theories are the only ones to consider while the laws they make only cause more gun deaths to people who cannot defend themselves against the illegal guns in the hands of criminals. (National Journal)

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