Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gun-Free Zones Kill

I’ve said this many times (and so have many others) and nobody listens. Every mass shooting that killed many people happened in a “gun-free zone.” The only one I know of that happened in a gun store (a stupid move) resulted in the shooter being made to resemble “Swiss cheese,” which is the reason shooters usually don’t go to such venues to kill people. They want to be pretty sure nobody will be there with their own guns and the will to use them in self-defense. So it’s a GIVEN that they’ll HUNT  a “gun-free zone” in which to kill people. The Aurora theater killer certainly did. That theater was the only one in the area with a rule against guns. He drove PAST several theaters to get there (and I live less than a mile away so I know that’s true). Why do the fools we (not me) elect refuse to listen to good advice? Because they ARE incompetent and merely want people to THINK they are trying to curb gun violence when what they’re doing is trying to assure themselves and their fellow politicians they won’t meet a gun when they come to take what’s ours. (Eagle Rising)

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