Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Proof That Gun Laws Don't Work

What 17-year-old do you know who can legally buy a gun? I don’t know any, yet this 17-year-old KNOWN thug had a gun, found a defenseless old man, and shot him to death, in broad daylight, after stalking people on a parking lot, trying to find somebody to kill. Not to rob, to kill. He was probably “auditioning” to get in a gang. The “anti-gun fools” insist that their stupid laws will stop this sort of thing from happening. They are, tragically, wrong.  But reasoning with these fools is futile. The victim is a Cuban refugee! He escaped the Cuban dictatorship only to be murdered by an illegally armed kid who didn't even say a word to him. And the "getaway vehicle" is a BICYCLE! This kid has a long and violent record and is now in jail. I don't think he expected that. Will he get a long sentence this time? Or will he get the :”minimum” dictated by his age?  If he had been sentenced to longer terms in the past, this man might still be alive. I don’t think there should BE any “minimum” for killers under 21. Murder is murder and the victim is dead, no matter how young the killer. A teenage killer is still a killer and should be treated as one. Including the death penalty. (Independent Journal)

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