Sunday, September 1, 2013

No Respect for Life

It began with the Supreme Court creating law (Roe v. Wade) in the case that allowed people to use murder as a substitute for using a rubber. The respect for life in this country has gone down and down ever since and more and more people are dying for insignificant reasons, killed by people who have no reverence for human life. They figure if their parents can kill them before they are even born, why can’t they kill, just for fun? That seems to be the reason for killing in the case linked to here where a gang randomly shot a student dead, “just for fun.” Well, those teenagers who murdered him for no real reason will die themselves, but for a very good reason. They acted “for fun” and ended their own lives. All because the Supreme Court said it was okay to murder babies while still in the womb, and that decision has progressed to the point where they can be murdered on the table after surviving the original murder (abortion) attempt. Youth gangs are notorious for their disdain for human life. They KILL people to get into the gangs, and kill more people as gang members. They ALL carry guns illegally because most of them are too young to be able to buy one legally. This is a sad day for America, (The Blaze)

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