Monday, September 9, 2013

Gun Control Myths and Realities

The anti-gun fools tell a lot of lies to promote their fool actions and the laws mistakenly made by lawmakers that are taken in by their lies. This article has been written to “wake people up” to those lies and stop the move towards DISARMING us in order to defend us: a damned fool notion. But one that prevails among anti-gun fools. The main problem is that “what you know” about gun control is not true if you get your information from the liberal media and you need to learn the true facts about the ADVANTAGES of gun ownership. Not hunting, which even PRO-gun people promote, but self-DEFENSE, which they do not. Yes, lots of people hunt, and don’t want to lose the right to own and use the tools for hunting. But more important is that there be more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people who can “balance out” the proliferation of guns in the hands of criminals and crazies which is not going to be stopped by disarming their victims. More importantly is that the criminals and crazies should not know which people are armed (as with uniformed cops, who can be targeted first). It takes a lot of truth to counter the lies told by the anti-gun fools, and this article is just a start. (CATO)

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