Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrong Direction

As usual, the “anti-gun fools:” are aiming in the wrong direction. They always have been. Back in the 1800’s, only Westerners had the right idea to defend yourself: a loaded gun on every hip. Yes, there were a few gunfights. Not nearly as many as people would have you believe by reading those lurid “penny-dreadfuls” then published. But the result was generally the death of a fool troublemaker or simple criminal who would, in the absence of a gun in the hands of an honest man, terrorize people. Responsible people usually didn’t get into gunfights. Some people blame today’s “gun violence” on the NRA because the NRA fights disarming honest, responsible people every day while the “anti-gun fools” do NOTHING to disarm criminals and crazies, who are the ones who USE guns for crime and violence. The fact is, when you examine mass shootings, gun laws would NOT have done anything to stop them. Without some deranged or criminal fool pulling the trigger, a gun cannot harm anyone and is statistically more likely to STOP gun violence than to CAUSE it. Making lists of gun owners is a fool thing because that ALSO does nothing to stop gun violence. All it does is help FIND the human who HELD the gun during the violence AFTER it happens--sometimes. All AFTER the fact and people are either dead or injured. What they need to do is PAY ATTENTION to the "signals" such people send out BEFORE they commit their atrocities and DO something BEFORE they shoot somebody up instead of making lists of gun owners where you HOPE to find the name of the perpetrator AFTER he has done his damage.

An increase in all kinds of violence followed the closing of many—let’s call it what it is—insane asylums, turning crazy (yeah, I actually used the word “crazy” so PC Police, jail me) people loose on the world with no controls on them taking their medicine. Every time somebody does a mass shooting it is one of those “crazies” that do it. But the gun gets the “bad rap” while the other crazies walk around thinking their dire thoughts making deals with criminals on the streets to get the guns they use ILLEGALLY. As usual, they make more and more useless gun laws after every time a crazy shoots up a school or other “gun-free zone” that’s nothing more than an INVITATION to such people to take out their foolish notions on innocent people, only to be stopped when somebody else with a gun shoots them.  Usually after they've killed a lot of people. Taking care of mentally disabled people instead of “turning them loose on society” would go far to reduce gun violence while “cracking down” on illegal gun sellers. Criminals will never have trouble getting their guns, so honest, reliable people should be allowed their own guns to use in defending themselves and their peers. (Just common sense)

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kids are taught not to safe driving from an early age