Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Disarming the Citizens

If you look carefully into what our politicians are doing, you’ll see their REAL agenda: to DISARM all Americans so there will be nothing to stop them as they steal everything we have and give it to people who will vote to keep them in office so the “goodies” will keep coming. Look at Obama’s “second coming” in 2012. Combine the fact that he got re-elected in spite of all he’s done to destroy this country with a report that more than HALF the population of this country is today on some sort of “government dole,” it becomes clear what his agenda is. His biggest constituency is the MOOCHER and he is the chief LOOTER who takes what people EARN and gives it to those who DON’T earn. Taking our guns away is just part of his plan—and he has a lot of help from other LOOTERS who found their way into our government. We need to get rid of these LOOTERS so they will stop supporting the MOOCHERS who want a “free ride” and will vote for any fool as long as he promises to keep the goodies coming. (Just common sense)

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