Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pro-Gun People Take Over Rally

Blanche Luczyk and a few other members of Mayor Bloomberg’s phony “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” organization (that is filled with crooks and felons POSING as mayors) came to Ohio (what are they doing there?) to promote a national gun owner’s registry. But they were soon outnumbered by pro-gun people, who took over the rally. There were about 50 pro-gun people there. Which goes to show that news media reports to the contrary, the MAJORITY of American people do NOT approve of the national gun registry. The anti-gun fools are lying about it, as usual. Samuel Adams said all it took was “an irate, tireless minority” to stop the progress of tyranny. But this is no minority. It's a MAJORITY. Lying politicians like Bloomberg will soon get their comeuppance. (Political Outcast)

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