Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are Guns REALLY the Problem?

The “anti-gun fools” say the main problem is curbing gun violence is the gun itself. Not the illegal gun-wielding criminal bent on violence. That’s a fantasy and proves their ignorance. A gun, sitting on a table, without the hand of a criminal on its handle, is a INERT OBJECT and cannot hurt ANYBODY. But they persist in making useless laws that do nothing except take away our right to own and use the means of self-defense, a gun. In a recent case, a Mom twice held off, and captured two burglars with her .357 Magnum, without ever firing a shot. That gun changed the equation of CONTROL from the burglar to this small woman. But they don’t listen. They keep making their insane laws that kill innocent people. The NRA gets blamed for much of the gun violence, but they do more for GUN SAFETY than anything else, while they campaign for the INTELLIGENCE of PROPER gun laws, rather than the ones constantly being made by people who just want to take guns out of the hands of HONEST people. (Walter E. Williams)

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