Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Gun-Free Zones" Are Poison!

They are an INVITATION to people like the Navy Yard shooter to come in and murder people.. They do nothing but tell these fools there are no guns there so you can come in and kill us at will and there will likely be no guns there to oppose you. ALL mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.” But don’t try and tell that to the “anti-gun fools.” They don’t listen to reason. They even deny the very existence of reason. It’s time we got rid of these fools, and you can always identify them by their rhetoric. I don’t understand what motivates such people as Senator Feinstein, who obviously knows NOTHING about guns, yet wants to disarm every honest, reliable American, KNOWING crooks and crazies have no problem getting their guns. You tell them and tell them, but it does not penetrate their hard heads. The only time I’ve ever seen a man try a mass shooting in a gun store happened in Indianapolis last year. He managed to wound ONE clerk, and everybody in the store, including that clerk, made “Swiss cheese” out of him. That conclusively PROVES my thesis, but the people making those stupid “gun laws” couldn’t care less. (Mediate)

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