Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shhh! Don't Talk About It!

If roads were collapsing all over the country, we’d soon be talking about ways to stop them from collapsing and nobody would tell us not to “politicize” roads collapsing. Nor would they blame the roads. Not so with guns. They quickly tell us not to “politicize” the tragedy when we talk about ways to stop wanton shooters from indiscriminate killing and immediately try to ban GUNS. Not the people who misuse them. It’s NOT “politicizing it” when you try and find ways to stop the gun violence without disarming honest, responsible people while ignoring the fact that criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns. The fact is, the “powers that be” have no idea how to stop crazies from getting guns and killing innocent people. These shooters have, in MANY cases, been stopped by ONE PERSON there who had his (or her) own gun and could shoot straight. Without those responsible armed people being there, those mad killers would probably still be killing people. (Just common sense)

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