Saturday, September 28, 2013

And They Blame the NRA

The Navy Yard shooter and the Ft. Hood shooter both should have been committed. They’re insane! But instead they were LEGALLY on the bases they shot up, killing many people in their insanity. The Navy Yard shooter, while insane, passed all government background checks and was issued a PASS to get on the base without any kind of search before he shot up the base. He had already demonstrated he was a danger to himself and others, but nobody noticed. "Instead, he passed the government security background check … and the government's firearms check … just like the monsters of Aurora and Tucson. They all passed the same system the political elites want expanded! The same check that will never include violent criminals, the mentally ill and the deranged bent on mayhem."  And some FOOLS still blame the NRA for fools such as him! How STUPID can you be? (USA Today)

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