Monday, September 16, 2013

Colorado Floods

Some of you who know I live in Colorado wonder if I’m “high and dry” or if I’m “drowned out.” The word is “high and dry.” Apparently I’m too far away from the flooding streams. We haven’t even had a power outage where I live. So it’s “business as usual.” I have my own personal disaster to contend with, however. Due to an unexpected repair bill for my car, as of today I’m flat broke until the first of the month. From what I can see there will BE no money for me until then. I hope I make it. This is NOT a plea for money. I’ll make it some way. This is only temporary. I couldn’t find any Denver Post coverage of the floods; I wonder why? I DID find a Denver Post story but I had to really look for it. (New York Times)

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