Friday, September 6, 2013

It doesn't Take A Gun

In Houston, TX, three people were stabbed in a fight at the Spring High School. One died, three were injured. They think this is “gang-related,” which is code for “don’t expect us to solve this.” NO guns involved. So the anti-gun fools in the media aren’t interested. This story won’t advance their agenda to demonize guns. This is so typical of the media. If it doesn’t advance their gun-hating agenda, they don’t care that somebody got killed with a knife. They’ve already got knives down to three inches. They don’t think a knife shorter than three inches can kill anybody. But as usual, they’re wrong. But since knives are so insignificant in their scheme of things, that’s okay with them. Since their agenda is to disarm America, they’re satisfied. If there had been a gun involved (on the killer’s side), they’d be screaming to high heavens. (The Blaze)

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