Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Why Do We Need Assault Weapons?"

Rep Rosa DeLauro, Democrat from Connecticut (where else than the NorthEast?), ADMITS one of the necessities for them is self-defense. But she discounts that, saying they're mostly for hunting. Which is a common FALLACY adhered to by gun-grabbers, and is NOT true. Has anybody noticed that more and more gang members AND simple criminals have them? Why were the cops outgunned in that famous LA bank robbery standoff a few years ago? Why did they have to go to a GUN STORE to get guns to "come equal" on armament? Does she think the crooks get them LEGALLY? Frankly, we need them to be “equally armed” with the criminals and gang members who will confront us now, and in the future. She says those who “turn them in” qualify for “as much as” $2,000 tax credit (Qualifies, and MAYBE they'll get it, maybe not). What she DOESN'T say is that NOT ALL those “turning them in” will get $2,000. It's a CON, folks! Run by a LAWMAKER! She says her bill would not FORCE gun owners to “turn in” their guns. She doesn't admit this, but it might CON them into it. They can always make it "mandatory" later. (Second Amendment Insider)

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