Thursday, April 16, 2015

Politicians Never Get It

The Mayor of Milwaukee (a Democrat, obviously) blames Gov. Scott Walker (a Republican, of course) for some recent gun deaths. That's because of recent laws Walker signed into law having to do with “concealed carry.” But he doesn't say anything about whether or not the people who DID the shooting had a “carry permit,“ or not. The Milwaukee County Sheriff says just the opposite: “There is ZERO evidence that concealed carry permits have led to an increased number of guns on the streets.” That makes no difference to anti-gun fools when they want to blame everything BUT what THEY do. The fact is, if these shooters HAD been “licensed,” that fact would have been “shouted to the skies.” And what everybody ignores is that the blame should go to those who sell guns ILLEGALLY in back alleys somewhere, and to those who BUY them there. It's NOT the existence of LEGAL guns that's to blame, it's the easy availability of ILLEGAL (ILLEGAL!) guns that's to blame—and their laws NEVER take that into account, and never make laws that punish the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime. Will they ever “see the light?” Not likely. That would take INTELLIGENCE. (Fox News)

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