Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gun-Grabber Stupidity

I continue to be amazed at the abysmal STUPIDITY of people who make laws to “stop gun violence.” The kind of laws they make do NOTHING to “stop gun violence,” and in reality, create an atmosphere that INCREASES gun violence by DISARMING honest people so they cannot defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns already on the streets. Every one of the laws they sponsor make it easier for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals to prey on honest people. We tell them that, over and over, and they ignore us. Their minds are made up, and don't want to be bothered by FACTS. Gun registration, for instance. It makes many lucrative jobs for a lot of bureaucrats to keep track of all those figures, but does NOTHING to stop criminals from ILLEGALLY obtaining their guns, while it DOES help the criminals by making it harder for HONEST people to get guns for self-defense, thus leaving them defenseless.

Meanwhile, cop shops use the EXISTING laws that punish USE of guns in the commission of a crime as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes, usually dropping those charges. If a law was offered REQUIRING these laws be PROSECUTED, I'd be all for it. But the gun-grabbing fools aren't listening to reason OR logic. They seem to be out to DISARM the PUBLIC who DO obey laws, while doing NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns. Another completely stupid law is that creating “gun-free zones,” such as in schools. All those do is tell potential shooters WHERE they can go to shoot people at will, with little possibility of there being a gun there to oppose them. It's an OPEN INVITATION to shooters. People who have BEEN mass shooters admit to LOOKING for gun-free zones in which to do their killing, and staying AWAY from non-gun-free zones. (Guns)

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