Saturday, April 4, 2015

"No Gun Needed"

This woman doesn’t need a gun to deal with most purse-snatchers. She just kicks him in the gonads, punches him in the face, and takes back her purse. This guy tried to rob the wrong woman and is now sitting painfully in jail. She hit him in the eye so hard she broke her hand and the doctor who treated her said, “You’re my hero! The treatment is on me.” The robber was restrained by two men who witnessed the whole thing, while a woman vacuuming her car nearby called the cops. When they (finally) arrived, they took the man into custody, and stopped by the hospital to get stitches for his eye. And I don’t think that treatment was free. This brings up a point: most people who do things like this aren’t armed, because they can’t afford guns. And if they have anything less that a gun, you can beat them. Especially if you are carrying a stun gun or pepper spray. Lacking that, just beat the hell out of them. (The Blaze)

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