Monday, April 13, 2015

"Cops Raid Gun Shop"

"Find GUNS!” Surprise, surprise! They found GUNS in a GUN STORE! Talk about a news headline that says the OBVIOUS. This sounds like a job for “Obviousman!” You've probably seen him in the comic strip “Non-Sequitur.” He hears somebody saying something STUPID and stands up to correct them. I don't always agree with what the artist on this strip says, but so far, the “Obviousman” has never been wrong, at least that I've seen. Why do you, at 77, still read the comics, you say? That's easy. Today's comic strip artists often stray into the “editorial scene,” sometimes right, sometimes stupidly. Doonesbury is one whose political observations are usually stupid, and sometimes border on the INSANE! Another one is “Candorville.” Just because I'm OLD, don't think I'm DEAD. I like a good laugh as much as anyone. And I can usually get one or two every day in “the funnies” while sometimes gaining good material for my work. Besides: it's good breakfast reading. (Candorville)

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