Thursday, April 2, 2015

"We Don't Need Guns"

“We don't need guns in this country,” says a movie producer whose companies have bought many guns for use in his movies. He signals his stupidity on the subject by saying this. “We don't need guns?” Right. Back when every man carried a sword, would he have said, “We don't need swords in this country?” Guns are the “weapon of choice” for CRIMINALS, and the only way to “even things up” is for us to have guns, too. In an “real world (from his viewpoint),” guns will not exist. If that ever happened (and it never would), what would he have as a staple in all his movies?), so criminals would select something else to kill and maim us with. As usual, gun-grabbers don't recognize that the “gun violence problem” is not because of the GUNS, but because of the PEOPLE. And if guns disappeared today (not gonna happen), they'd find something else just as deadly to kill us with. By the way, Harvey, I don't think the NRA will even NOTICE your movie you claim will “make them wish they were never born.” They never notice small-minded people like you. (World Net Daily)

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