Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Liberal Incompetence

I keep talking about liberal incompetence. They think a law will stop criminals, who don't obey laws, will stop them from getting their guns; they also think the way to self-defense is to DISARM yourself. Everybody like me keeps telling liberals that arbitrarily raising minimum wages to such levels business can no longer afford to pay their employees more than they're worth and must raise their own prices sky high or go out of business, they never listen to us. They go right on and make the stupid laws they make, out of IGNORANCE about the facts of business, ignoring the possible consequences to their constituents. When their constituents suffer, they also ignore that and go right on with their stupid ideas and make some more stupid laws.

It really astounds me how liberals can actually SEE the “unintended consequences” of their stupid, short-sighted laws and say, “That didn't cause that,” knowing it DID. It's happening now in Seattle, WA, where the actually PASSED the ordinance forcing businesses to pay a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour for jobs whose wages should not be even as much as HALF that because those holding them have NO TALENTS or abilities and have to be taught even how to flip a burger or have a cash register that will tell them how much change to give the customer because they have no idea how to count change out of a cash drawer. Now FOUR major restaurants that have been “mainstays” for many years have closed, rather than pay that much to people who aren't worth HALF that much.

And there will be more to come, not only in the restaurant industry. They think their stupid laws don't cost young people their jobs? They look at the jobs their laws HAVE cost them and deny they did. They're totally BLIND to the consequences of their actions. That's total incompetence. I could go on and on about their stupid basic reasoning in other areas, such as their thinking that making a LAW against guns will keep CRIMINALS (who obey NO laws) from having them or that the way to self-defense is to DISARM yourself—as in guns, AND in nuclear power. Yet we (not me) keep electing these fools to office in spite of their incompetence. Why we (not me) do that is incomprehensible to me. (Western Journalism)

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