Thursday, April 2, 2015

Managerial Incompetence

It is a lot more widespread than most people imagine. It becomes more obvious when an airline pilot succumbs to his depression and flies his airplane into a mountain, killing himself and all aboard. His company KNEW of his depression and did not stop him from flying. They certified him okay to fly, therefore condemning hundreds of people to a horrible death. It's obvious in the federal government every time Obama makes a decision. For instance, his REFUSAL to call Islamic terrorism what it IS, therefore condemning thousands of non-Muslims to death—and even some MUSLIMS who don't believe exactly right. It's obvious when he tells his troops to “cut and run” and leave their guns and equipment, therefore ARMING the enemy while maintaining “plausible deniability.” It's obvious in cities like Detroit where they spent and spent until they had no more to spend—and , unlike the feds, they can't PRINT money while other liberals have yet to come to their aid with YOUR money. Obama has done so many stupid things I can't even keep up with them, let alone list them here. Places like Target Stores, who declare their stores “gun-free zones,” clearly INVITING armed criminals to come there and shoot them up, since there will be no guns there to oppose them. Anti-gun fools who still believe the way to defend yourself is to DISARM yourself. That is incompetence personified. (Just common sense)

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