Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gun-Grabbers Lie Again

They commissioned a “study” that supposedly shows that 9% of licensed gun owners “have a history of violent behavior,” “like to smash things,” or “get into physical fights,” among other unprovable crap. And 1.5% of these people carry their guns outside the home. Sounds scary, doesn't it? It might BE scary if it were true. But, like most “studies” commissioned by people with a definite finding in mind, it is NOT. They say the more guns you have, the more prone to violence you are. Of course, their “findings” say nothing about the fact that most gun violence is committed by people who have their guns ILLEGALLY and are criminals, to begin with. They give no numbers on how many people with “carry permits” are involved in committing a CRIME with their guns (they don't have any). Their figures don't bother to take that into account. They don't say that mostly NOBODY who legally owns a gun has used it illegally. This is their way of “backing up” their efforts to DISARM America—an effort fully supported by liberals in out government, including Obama, who says he will “get rid of firearms administratively, if his "servants" in Congress won't do it, completely disregarding the fact that gun ownership is a CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT and Congress is NOT a "servant" of the president. Notice the “study was done by a liberal organization and reported by a liberally-oriented newspaper. (L A Times)

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