Monday, April 6, 2015

GOP "Steps Up" In Maryland

Republicans, newly elected in Maryland, are actually DOING what they were elected to do—oppose the crappy actions of Democrats. Unlike what the GOP fools in DC are doing, they are sponsoring efforts to overturn the “tight” anti-gun laws now in effect. Laws that do nothing to stem “gun violence,” but DO do a lot to INCREASE it by DISARMING honest citizens so as to make them UNARMED VICTIMS of criminals, who don't OBEY laws, anyway. Politicians seem to seamlessly think DISARMING people is the way to stop gun violence MUST be “taking stupid pills every day. You don't protect yourself against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals by DISARMING yourself. And their vision of people running around all over shooting each other over trivial things is just that: a “vision,” and would in no way be true. The only people getting shot would be the CRIMINALS, when they attack an ARMED citizen. Maybe the politicians just want a disarmed populace so they can “do their dirty work,” stealing whatever they can, without worrying about running into a gun. (Second Amendment Insider)

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