Monday, April 13, 2015

Our "Facination" With Guns

Calvin Williams, Chief of Police in Cleveland, Ohio, is critical of the whole idea of having guns in the house where children can get their hands on them, after a boy of 3 picked up an unattended gun and killed a one-year-old boy with it. But, as usual, he's WRONG. It's not the PRESENCE of the gun that's at fault, it's the CARELESSNESS of its owner. Way too many people are completely clueless about how to HANDLE guns, mostly because the anti-gun fools (like him) prevent too many people from GETTING gun safety schooling because they don't want ANYTHING regarding guns to happen “in their backyard.” He talks about our “fascination” with guns, forgetting the “fascination” with getting RID of guns (which we have a RIGHT to have, for self-defense) on his side.They think if they deny the very EXISTENCE of guns, they won't exist. It's like their general approach to “gun control.” They DO NOTHING to PUNISH the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime while working HARD to disarm all Americans (who OBEY laws). That, of course, ELIMINATES those who get their guns ILLEGALLY from consideration while DISARMING innocent people, who are HONEST and OBEY laws. I get tired of saying this, as I'm sure the gun-grabbers are tired of HEARING it. But I'll keep saying it until SOMEBODY listens. Nobody has, so far. (The Blaze)

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