Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hidden Gun-Grabbing

There's an increasing situation here of cops “grabbing guns” even when crimes cannot be proven and KEEPING them, even in the face of court orders to return them. In this case, the guns were irreplaceable, and the money the owner got was meaningless to him. He wanted his ANTIQUE guns back. But the cops, even under court order to return them, not only kept them, they DESTROYED these priceless antiques. They're using this to “confiscate guns under the table” because most people can't spend $10,000.00 to get the return of a $500 gun. In one recent case, cops got a “:bad odor” complaint from a man's neighbor. So the cops showed up and stole his gun collection, valued at $25,000.00. New Orleans (former) mayor, “School Bus” Ray Nagin, ordered ALL legally-owned guns in New Orleans confiscated (stolen) after the hiurricaine, leaving citizens completely defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of the criminals—who don't register their guns. Lawsuits have gotten some of the guns back, but many are still in the hands of the cops. There are more such outrages elsewhere, but we don't have room to list them here. Read the article linked to find out more. (Fox News)

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