Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Christie's Right Decision

Shaneen Allen unthinkingly brought her gun (which she was legally allowed to carry in her state) into New Jersey, which TARGETS people from easy “concealed carry” states, HOPING they will do what she did, and forget their guns so they could arrest them. This single mother of two boys got a permit after previously being robbed and thought her permit would be recognized in New Jersey. She was wrong. New Jersey, where anti-gun FOOLS are plentiful, does NOT recognize it. So she spent 40 days in jail before she could come up with the money for bail. And she has been “under the gun” since 2013, figuring she might go to prison for years for an innocent oversight.. She couldn't even successfully look for work as long as this was held over her head. Which makes it hard to provide for her family. Christie may have done this because he wants to run for president, but whatever reason, he deserves credit for “righting a wrong.” (Julie on Politics)

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