Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finally Getting Through

The NRA is finally getting through to those who have been fooled by the anti-gun fools on gun control, and the gun grabbers don't like that one bit. Gun ownership (legally) is growing in America, and to those who want to DISARM us at any cost, that is bad. They keep calling the TRUTH the NRA tells simply “scare tactics.” It's not. It's merely outlining reality, something the gun grabbers can't seem to grasp. There are a couple of simple truths they can't grasp, as well. One, that the way to self defense is NOT to DISARM ourselves. Two, you can't stop CRIMINALS from getting their ILLEGAL guns by making a LAW. These people don't OBEY laws. The only effect of such laws is to DISARM honest people and make them “easy victims” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. So their laws to "reduce gun crime" only INCREASE it. (NY Times)

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