Friday, April 10, 2015

Self-Defense Is Enough

There's a big fight in California over whether or not the need for self-defense alone is enough cause for people to be issued a “carry permit.” One sheriff in California was FORCED to accept that until the 9th "Circus” Court decided to take it up again--in ”en blanc”--which means more judges. Which effectively set aside their previous ruling, and the Orange County sheriff went back to her “old way” of doing things, requiring people to prove extraordinary circumstances and provide proof before she would issue. According to California law, the sheriff alone can decide what constitutes a good reason to issue such a permit. Which, of course, is wrong: Self defense should be the ONLY reason to carry a gun, and ALL of us qualify for that, since criminals already HAVE their guns—ILLEGALLY. The only effect of current “gun laws” is to provide plentiful UNARMED victims for these ILLEGALLY armed criminals to victimize. More people with their own guns would be an effective deterrent to these criminals, who now can be pretty sure their intended victims will not be armed. (Orange County Register)

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