Saturday, April 11, 2015

Presidential Discrimination

Obama hates discrimination, of any kind—or does he? He has told banks to close accounts belonging to outfits that either make, or sell guns—which are not only a LEGAL product, they're CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED. So on what basis do banks have the TEMERITY to arbitrarily close their accounts and disrupt their business? Further, what law gives Obama the POWER to even MAKE this recommendation? Because guns are “of questionable value?” To WHOM? Guns in the hands of CRIMINALS will not only be UNAFFECTED by this action, it will make it EASIER for their ILLEGAL owners to victimize honest people who will no longer be able to buy guns because those businesses find it hard to DO business. And some of those people will be POLICE agencies. If there are no gun sellers, where will the COPS get their guns? Furthermore, isn't this as much DISCRIMINATION as refusing to make a cake for a gay “wedding?” It really pains me the STUPID things people do! (Guns)

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