Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gun Control Backfires

Obama put a lot of time and money in his efforts to disarm America, but it has backfired on him terribly. Since 2013, the last year for which figures are available, gun manufacturing has DOUBLED because of “unprecedented demand.” America is telling him, “butt out!” Even his underhanded effort to get the banks to refuse to do business with gun people has failed. But is he listening? Not even! He has pledged to “do it administratively” if his “servants” in Congress will not “obey his orders.” People with common sense want guns, so they can defend themselves against criminals, who are ALWAYS armed. Sometimes they're even wearing badges. Not to mention the threats made by Islamic terrorists to come to America and do what they've done elsewhere. Even in “The Republic of California,” where the gun laws are the tightest, they processed 200,000 “background checks for people who wanted guns for self defense. They're not going to be able to withstand this kind of pressure forever without some sort of DICTATORIAL act, which WILL precipitate a REVOLT. (Washington Times)

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