Monday, April 20, 2015

Guns Are Necessary!

Liberals have, for a long time, tried to convince us that a majority of the American people agree that “gun control” as THEY envision it, is necessary and right. They have said, many times, that it's “common sense.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Now that purchase of guns is on such an “upswing,” they can no longer claim that, they're trying to say it's a “recent trend.” It is NOT. People who fear attack from criminals carrying ILLEGAL guns (and that's ALL of us) have ALWAYS been in the majority, no matter what liberals say while they're trying to fool you. The Founders knew this. They knew that if the government were allowed to DISARM the populace, it would be easier for them to control us. That's why the SECOND AMENDMENT to the Constitution maintained the RIGHT (not a “privilege”) of ALL Americans to have, and to carry weapons for self defense. The only right more important was the right to CRITICIZE the government without fear of punishment, because without the First Amendment right, the Second could not survive. (World Net Daily)

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