Friday, April 10, 2015

Disarming America

Obama has told us he has “not given up” on disarming America, even though the NRA (the American people) is a “formidable opponent.” What he doesn't say is that our right to be armed is a CONSTITUTIONAL right, and to “go around” the Constitution SHOULD get him a prison sentence. But he has ignored the Constitution so many times, in so many ways, why should he stop in this instance? He'll just “issue a presidential order” to further limit our access to guns, which is committing a CRIME on his part because to issue such an order REQUIRES a LAW, passed by Congress, to precede it. This is a requirement he has ignored many times in the past, and will ignore here. Only the fact that the Founders neglected to provide a PUNISHMENT for politicians who make unconstitutional laws, outside of their “enforcement efforts” being stopped if somebody actually has any GUTS, which never happens with Obama. With him, “the fix is in,” and NOBODY has the GUTS to do anything about what he does. (The Gunalizer)

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