Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kroger to Moms: "Stick It!"

Moms against Guns (or something like that, which means nothing) put pressure on the Kroger grocery chain to ban guns in their stores (which include “King Soopers” in Denver, and were told to “take it and stick it.” Not in so many words, of course. Kroger officials are more polite than I am. But they told “Moms” they were not going to change their policy about guns—now, or ever. They could demonstrate all they wanted, and even sponsor a boycott, and be damned. Kroger makes its own decisions on policy and they might as well stop wasting their own time. I guess Kroger is run by people with guts, not the lilly-livered pansies who run other companies, such as Starbucks, who not only ban guns on their premises, but also have tried a “discussion” on race—which lasted ONE DAY. (Second AmendmentInsider)

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