Friday, April 3, 2015

"Why Can't I Carry A Gun?"

That's the question asked by a woman who was recently raped in her own home. She wants to know why she can't have a gun in her own home? So she can protect herself from people like her rapist? She says she'd rather “be judged by 12 than carried by 6,” referring to being judged by a jury rather than be carried by pallbearers. And she's right. I have considered that, myself. If I carried a gun ILLEGALLY, as most criminals do, I WOULD be “judged by 12” if they caught me. Or if I used it in self-defense. But I would still be alive, which I might NOT be if a criminal confronted me with his ILLEGAL gun and I did not have one. I'm old, and without help, I'm defenseless against the hoodlums out there WITHOUT a gun. So why can't I carry one? I'm a responsible person who won't run around shooting everything in sight, as you stupid gun-grabbers try to make people think I would. But I WOULD shoot somebody who tried to hurt me. And I should be allowed to do that. The Constitution says I can, no matter what stupid politicians say. (The Gun Feed)

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