Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Happening Again!

Anti-gun legislators are facing a recall vote in Oregon because of their anti-gun votes. Last year, three legislators (in Colorado) were ”shown the door” after they voted for anti-gun legislation (that Colorado legislators who will be gone next election failed to repeal this year). They never seem to learn, do they? They just can't understand that the CITIZENS want to keep their guns in case they need them to fight off ARMED criminals. Of the “Colorado three,” two lost recall elections, and the other “saw the handwriting on the wall” and resigned in the face of her own recall election. Something people discount is that soon we'll be fighting ISIS-type Islamic terrorists in the streets of America and we need guns to do that. We keep telling them that, but their incompetence doesn't allow them to see the truth of it. Further incompetence is shown by Obama in his actions to LOOSEN UP the border, making it easier for these people to sneak in while fighting “tooth and nail” to make it even HARDER for an honest citizen to buy a gun. Then there's his plan to actually IMPORT thousands of Islamic terrorists, calling them “refugees.” Those incompetent politicians will be the DEATH of us—and themselves. (Guns)

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