Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What? He Had A Gun?

(Sarcasm on) Impossible! He's a FELON! Felons Can't Have Guns—Right? (sarcasm off) At least that's what the law says. But criminals don't give a sh-t about laws. That's why we call them “lawbreakers” and criminals. In this case, he got caught with 90 grams of meth, some pot, AND a gun, according to Sheriff Dean Howell. Is anybody with ANY intelligence surprised that this felon, who was recently released from prison on a previous drug charge, not only had a considerable amount of drugs, but also a GUN? But the gun-grabbers are. They “bitterly cling” to their idea that a LAW can stop a CRIMINAL from carrying a gun, just because it's illegal. Are they STUPID, or what? (Sun-Herald)

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