Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Have Gun Laws At All?

I just heard a fool on FOX, fergawdsakes, say, “If criminals don't obey laws (which is the crux of pro-gunner's argument), why have laws at all? That was a stupid question and reflects complete misunderstanding of our argument. It's not the laws, it's laws that will WORK that need to be made. Maybe laws to make it life without parole or a death sentence for ANYBODY who uses a gun in the commission of a crime whether or not they kill anybody. That way, they'll never get out of jail to resume their life of violent crime after getting caught, once. That will act as a deterrent in two ways. First, if they're dead, they can't commit violent crimes. Second, it will cause the reduction in existing violent criminals as they figure out the penalty is too severe for them to use a gun. And we need to make laws that allow honest people to be armed, so often the criminals will run into guns in the hands of their intended victims if they try it. We can't make laws to keep them from GETTING their guns, so let's make them to punish those who use them for violent crime as severely as possible to get them (the CRIMINALS) off the streets and KEEP them off the streets. (Just common sense)

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