Sunday, December 20, 2015

He Has No Clue

Obama is mystified by the fact that after every mass shooting, more and more people buy guns and apply for “carry permits.” He just can't understand why people INSIST on being able to defend THEMSELVES, when the cops are usually MINUTES away, while the criminal is THERE, and menacing them. They want to be able to shoot that criminal and stop him from menacing them. Yeah, the cops can come by AFTER the crime has been committed, clean up the scene, and meticulously document it. But that does no good for the victims, and if the crime was murder, they're dead. Obama is CLUELESS about that, and many other things, too. In addition, he has GUTTED our military, as well as the intelligence services, so when the Islamic terrorists attack again, we will not only be UNABLE to respond against them, we will not be aware of the threat until it surfaces, which will be too late. Obama defends HIMSELF well, especially against people who don't agree with him. But not against the REAL threats. (Godfather Politics)

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