Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Laws For You, Not For Me"

Anti-gun fools want “gun laws” made to keep YOU from having guns, but they don't want them to apply to them. The anti-gun fool in the linked story actually threatened to SHOOT a gun-maker who displeased her by disagreeing with her. So is it the conservatives who can't be trusted with guns, or the liberals, who spout HATRED for people who disagree with them and threaten to KILL them? People like Sen. Feinstein, who is the best-known (outside of former NYC Mayor Bloomberg) anti-gun fascist, who is famous for waving a LOADED automatic weapon around in a room full of people with her finger on the trigger to show how much she knew about guns, while those in the room cowered in fear? And, of course, this same fool has her OWN “carry permit” and carries her OWN gun, to supplement her ARMED security that follows her around, everywhere. (Bearing Arms)

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