Monday, December 14, 2015

"Gun Buybacks" Are Futile

The politicians tout them as “getting guns off the street,” but they don't. All they do is help the criminals trade in their old, broken, unusable guns for money to use in buying newer, usable guns from their ILLEGAL sellers in that back alley somewhere. These “buybacks” get liberal politicians a lot of political credit from people who don't pay any attention to politics, except in the most vague way, but they are USELESS when it comes to stopping “gun violence.” Unfortunately, these political morons each have a vote. Gun buybacks are like all the futile laws they pass, none of which do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down, “gun violence” Why they don't “wise up” and stop making these stupid laws and figure out a way to make it a futile thing for a criminal to USE a gun in the commission of a crime so we can use it to get them of the streets for a longer time, I don't know. I guess they're just STUPID. (Gun Watch)

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