Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Who to Blame?

A woman took her car and mowed down a bunch of people on a sidewalk in Las Vegas, once driving around a truck and BACK onto the sidewalk, killing at least one, and injuring many others. Who will they blame? The woman, or the car? If the same people who want to ban GUNS decide, they will order the CAR destroyed, and free the woman, saying, she just “succumbed” to the strain of too much driving. Then they will move to make it harder to BUY a car for ALL. Citing “car control.” This is the way our incompetent politicians work: blame the inanimate object, and make excuses for the person controlling it. Some of them want to REPEAL the Second Amendment, hoping that will protect us from all the guns that were obtained ILLEGALLY, in the first place. Making more laws against guns will “stop gun violence,” won't it? Criminals will obey a law that says they can't be armed, and then sheepishly “turn in their guns,” won't they? (tongue firmly in cheek) (Just common sense)

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