Saturday, December 26, 2015

White House In the Dark

They SAY they just can't figure out why so many Americans want to buy guns after they spent so much time talking about confiscating everybody's guns. Of course, when they come for their guns, they'll have to find out where they hid them. They know why, but they won't admit it. In addition to the USUAL criminal threats, and the threat of some fool walking up and shooting people randomly, Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of potential Islamic terrorists, who will no doubt bring their guns along with them, or buy them (or get them free) ILLEGALLY from another Islamic terrorist already here, who can supply them. There are so many “Infidel targets” here, and so few bullets. Translated that means “unbeliever” targets, which the Koran instructs them to kill or convert to Islam. Some don't follow these instructions, just as many don't follow the instructions given in the Bible (Of course, the Bible doesn't instruct them to KILL anybody for not “beleving”).. But people want to have the means to defend themselves, and that's what Obama and his goons don't understand. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

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