Monday, December 28, 2015

What Is It About guns?

Why are Democrats (and some Republicans) bound and determined to disarm Americans and make them defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns already held by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists? Nobody seems to know, but I do. They're afraid we'll use our guns on THEM when they come to take what's ours—and they know it is happening more and more as various bureaucracies act against the Constitution and confiscate people's lands and property without even the bother of charging them with a crime. The RICO laws are themselves a violation of the Constitution in that they allow the government to confiscate people's money and property on just the OPINION of a law enforcement officer or a politician that they “might” be getting their money illegally. The very fact that these laws allow that BEFORE any charges are even filed, and even if they are NOT filed is unconstitutional. You could be walking down the street carrying a large sum of cash (which is NOT illegal) and they have scanners that can tell how much cash you're carrying so they can know if it is worth their time to steal it. And they can do so with NO charges, and DARE you to go to court to get it back, after they've stolen all your money. They don't want guns in the hands of honest people so their minions won't have a chance of getting shot when they commit a :home invasion” on your home. (Just common sense)

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