Friday, December 11, 2015

Always Blame the Guns

That's what those anti-gun morons always do. They think they're so superior because they don't believe in defending themselves—and that's the crux of it. They think we should ALL remain defenseless in the face of ARMED criminals (even though most of them go around surrounded by people who carry their guns for them—something most of us can't afford) They say to “call the cops.” But that rarely ever works, because the cops are usually at least a few minutes away, while the armed criminal is THERE, right then, and can kill them before the cops can ever get there. Sure, the cops can “clean up the scene” and MAYBE apprehend the criminals later, but you're dead. That will mean nothing to you. Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown (Democrat, of course) called people who want to be able to defend themselves “lunatics.” But the only lunatics in this story are people like Brown. Self defense is a BASIC right, and a basic instinct in intelligent people (which Sen. Brown is obviously NOT). (Last Resistance)

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