Monday, December 28, 2015

No Real Gun Control?

Why do anti-gun fools insist on making more and more of the “gun laws” that don't work? They KNOW they don't work, yet they keep insisting on making more and more of them while they do NOTHING to “stem gun violence” except between law-abiding citizens, which is not a problem, anyway. Most, if not ALL gun violence occurs when CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws, try and victimize people or other criminals want to victimize the other criminals. Also, most gun violence occurs between youth gang members, who ALSO don't have LEGAL guns. In all cases, the guns are NOT legally owned. But they do nothing to stem ILLEGAL gun ownership. There ARE laws on the books to give criminals longer prison sentences when they use a gun, but those are routinely WAIVED to get confessions in other crimes. That is just LAZINESS on the part of the cops, and should be disallowed. (Just common sense)

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