Monday, December 21, 2015

In Texas, Where Else?

In Keene, Texas, the school board voted not only to arm their teachers, they voted to provide the guns, too. Not all of the teachers, of course, just a few. But they're not telling which ones will be armed, so any potential mass shooters will not know which ones to fear. It's not a complete answer to why teachers are not allowed to be armed, but it's a start. Some fool parents are worried about something that will not happen. That some student might take a gun away from a teacher and do something stupid. Anti-gun fools constantly do that, saying that if everybody were armed, there'd be a “wile West atmosphere” where people will be killing each other over fender-benders. They neglect to mention that has happened with ILLEGAL gun owners before. Which is stupid, on its face. Honest, reliable gun carriers do not use their guns on ANYBODY who opposes them, or over trifles. Fools do that. Those anti-gun freaks are much more likely to lose control of themselves, and they attribute their own proclivities on others, to win with a phony claim. (Truth Revolt)

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